Candidate: Derek Chadbourne

Who are you?
My name is Derek Chadbourne. I am who I am because I ride my bike. I have been riding in Toronto for twenty years. Most of those years were as a bike messenger. I saw Toronto from all its unique perspectives and learned to love them all. The bicycle has taught me tolerance, organizational skills and unique business logic that I use to run my bike shop with. I believe Toronto's potential is like the bicycle, unlimited. The thing I do not like about Toronto is that it smells like gasoline. I think a world class city should smell better then that.

Why are you running?

A long time ago, in a beautiful galaxy far, far away there existed a magical Toronto. In this Toronto people weren't run down in crosswalks, the police enforced the law and there was enough money to keep the pools open in the summer and the rinks cleared in the winter. I would like to live there again. Toronto has lost its way. The city is obsessed with money and not with the people who live in it. Breathing should not be bad for you. There should be more investment in communities. Police Officers should live in the city they enforce, they may understand it more. We need to have a strong, enforceable anti-idling law. And while we're at it, a giant steel crushing bike lane clearing compactor. You can always dream.

What should a City Councillor be?

A councillor should be wise and take counsel. Using listening abilities and not the yapping of the large mouth abilities.

Anything else?

I'm a recovering video game addict so I have a lot of time on my hands. I want to use this time for good instead of evil.

We need new leaders.