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One of the reasons why this difference exists is that the DAX query is optimized using a process called "fusion", which includes in a single storage engine request the aggregations required for multiple measures, whereas this feature has not been implemented for MDX queries.

A new compilation record is to be released to support contributing artists from across Leeds as they deal with the delays,

24/04/2020  · For remote systems it will be not good if the managemend firewall rules are deleted. For this reason i think it would be nice to have a feature to secure these rules in any way like locking. For the first step it would reach the target to just secure the rule itself. The big shot would be to lock also the place in the firewall chain.

Cloud content management and collaboration company Box Inc. is revamping its product to help remote workers at a time when.

Request a product feature. Thank you for taking time to tell us what features you’d like to see on our feature roadmap. Your input is very valuable to us. It’s helpful if you can describe the challenge or pain point you’d like us to solve with the feature. If you have other questions, please contact our product support or sales teams.

Leaked images obtained by TechCrunch reveal that Google considered and designed a feature that would let people donate money.

I’ve been struggling with one part of MacOS for a while, but a recent app discovery has changed everything — I wish MacOS.

23/01/2020  · If a feature request comes up in a different forum (indicator development for example), please create a new thread (admin or NT person) in the feature request forum, with a short description and a link to the original thread. 4. If a feature request is implemented, update the thread (including title) in the feature request forum. I understand it is a little more work for NT, but it could be.

Feature requests. Request new features in Episerver products; everything from user interface to API changes. Topic, Replies, Last Post. Support for filtering on.

06/05/2020  · Feature Requests Feature Requests New post. Follow New posts New.

[Feature Request] Audio Player. Blair; April 21, 2020 16:55; 0 votes 0 comments [Feature Request] Add Subtraction and Minimum Use Option to Home Brew. Axw2010; April 16, 2020 22:29; Edited; 0.

Aligning Product Strategy with Customer Feature RequestsFeature Requests. Welcome to the FileMaker product feature suggestion page. We're interested in your ideas on how we can improve our products. Use this.

Post your feature requests, improvement requests in this topic section! Other clients of AODocs can vote and comment them to improve.