First Steps With Ledger Nano

The Ledger Nano S is a personal lightweight mobile device architectured around a ST31 secure.

In order to build applications for the Nano S, you must first setup your.

We are proiving the instructions using a docker environment image.

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Ledger Nano S Tutorial 2019 - FULL CLASS!!! (for Absolute Beginners)When you first get the hardware wallet, we highly recommend that you watch as many step by step tutorials as possible on how to configure and use the device.

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Here you will find official resources to get you started using your Ledger Nano S. Annoucements!!! 01. Update Ledger Nano S firmware.

Take your first steps.

The first step in setting up your hardware wallet is unboxing the Ledger Nano S package. Now, let's check the box contents. An authentic Ledger Nano S product .

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