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5 Jun 2016.

qtcore 4.8.7 fails with libressl >=2.4.0.

The following is data from the bug at, I can add further data from one of my VMs if necessary.

/ gentoo/libressl/blob/master/dev-qt/qtcore/files/qtcore-4.8.5-libressl.patch.

LibreSSL Portable itself. This includes the build scaffold and compatibility layer that builds portable LibreSSL from the OpenBSD source code. Pull requests or.

LibreSSL Upstream Patches. When older protocols, algorithms and programming practices are deprecated, often upstream software is not ready for the.

1 Apr 2018.

LibreSSL 2.7 implements OpenSSL 1.1 API leading to conflicts on method names . Patch is actually for 2.5, same problem exists for 2.4.

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Github最新创建的项目(2018-11-15),Extract xvector and ivector under kaldi

23 Mar 2016.

I intend to maintain this as a patch-set for the most recent release of.

Early March 2016 I managed to get LibreSSL to build, and all.

The original patch set was created for HardenedBSD for their playground/master branch.

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