Meme Collectors Are Using The Blockchain To Keep Rare Pepes Rare

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Reliable real world blockchain use case: Rare Pepe | Theo Goodman (Rare Pape)  |  UNCHAIN 20184 Aug 2018.

Creating with Blockchain Technology: The “Provably Rare” Possibilities of Crypto Art.

collectors, enabled by the blockchain's capacities around tracing.

enables the user to protect themselves from governments or banks making rules about how an.

original variations of the meme as “Rare Pepes.

5 Jun 2018.

His carefully curated collection is digital — works that exist on the.

the Rare Pepe Wallet facilitates the purchase of scarce Pepe memes — the.

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20 Jun 2018.

Unveiling the interface between blockchain technology and art.

print screen function), blockchain technology instead empowers artists to preserve the.

Each Rare Pepe is linked to a digital token on the Counterparty Protocol, and.

As such, investors and collectors can rely on their platforms as a trusted.

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