What’s Hodl?

13/09/2018  · HODL is an intentional misspelling of the word “hold”. First time HODL was used is back in 2013 on a BitcoinTalk thread named “I AM HODLING”. What was originally a typo, HODL, has now popularly earned the status of a humorous backronym: “HODL” – “Hold on for dear life”. Within an hour from posting it, HODL made its way into memes: movies like “300” and.

What it means to HODL and why its important26 Aug 2018.

Here he explains what HODL and six other terms mean. Dan Kitwood | Getty Images. 1. HODL. Example.

HODL was originally a typo, which was so popular that turned into an abbreviation for ”Hold on for dear life”. Contents. 1 What is HODL? 2 The HODLer .

HODL is a Cryptocurrency word that was first mentioned by a drunk user on the Bitcointalk forum in 2013. The word is referring to somebody who believes in Cryptocurrencies long-term and is not planning to sell his Cryptos anytime soon. HODL is essentially a misspelled version of the word hold.

06/12/2018  · HODL is a slang in the crypto community for holding the crypto instead of offering it. It came from a December 2013 post on the Bitcoin Forum message board by an obviously intoxicated user who published with a typo in the topic, “I AM HODLING”.

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What is HODL? HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other.

Rule 3: A True HODLer Remains Steadfast In Spite of FUD Whether there’s news that China is banning your coin again, or your favourite exchanged got hacked, you as a HODLer will continue to HODL. A HODLer stays the course regardless of who is sowing seeds of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Disregard the news. Remember that the naysayers are usually those who have a lot to.

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HODL is a term that means “hold” and later became the backronym, “hold on for dear life.” It is perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency term, which started out as a simple spelling mistake. In 2013, a member of the Bitcointalk forum wrote a post describing why he will be holding on to his tokens, despite the fact that markets were falling at the time. However, he mistakenly wrote.

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what's HODL? I understand it means HOLD but why do we switch up the last two letters? I haven't been here long enough. What's the history? 26 comments.